Some Useful Guidelines on Fire and Water Damage Restoration

Water and Fire DamageDamage on Top of Damage

Fire damage is always combined with water damage because water is an essential component in putting out the fire. Thus, the property owner will have to deal with two types of damage, which are fire damage and water damage. We do not have to go into details of how fire can damage any property. However, the resulting water damage from the water used to stop the fire is another thing. The stagnant water can induce molds and mildew growth within 24 hours making the cleanup process more difficult and hazardous. That is one reason it is important to start the cleanup process as soon as possible to avoid additional complications. Following are some basic guidelines on how you can conduct fire and water damage cleanup safely.

Employ the Services of Professional Fire and Water Damage Restoration Company

Following a fire, no matter how much you want to go back into your house immediately to check the damage, it is not advisable to do so. For one, you would not know which part of the floor or ceiling remains stable. Also, there could be damaged electrical wiring and open wires which could electrocute you. Moreover, there could be harmful chemicals or substances that you can touch or inhale and damage your lungs or skin. So how can you survive all these? The answer is simple – let a professional fire and water damage repair company do this challenging job for you. They have the necessary expertise and equipment to efficiently and expeditiously do this challenging job.

Keep the Windows Open to Air the Area to Stop Mildew and Mold Development

In the meantime, while you are searching for, or negotiating with a water damage restoration company, keep the windows of your home open for proper ventilation to remove the dampness and discourage mold growth. If the electricals have been checked out by a professional electrician and declared safe, you can use industrial fans to hasten the drying process.

Wear Protective Gear

For added protection, wear protective gear such as goggles for your eyes, gloves, and boots to protect your hands and feet and a sturdy type of clothes to protect your body from jutting sharp debris. Wearing a face mask might also be necessary to protect your lungs from inhaling harmful and toxic substances.

It’s Really a Job Fro the Pros

No matter how much you want to save on costs considering the huge material loss you already had, it is still wise to have the cleanup job be done by a professional restoration company to prevent further damage and spending more time on cleanup than necessary. Find a reputable fire and water damage restoration company that can help you accomplish your cleanup job with less aggravation.